Getting Started - To get started, you will need to create an account by filling out an application. To do this simply click on the PDF icon "Application” above. Once you have completed and faxed or email us your application, we will create an account in your company’s name (fax and email address is on the application). We will issue a username and a password and instructions that will allow you to log into your account 24/7 and begin your employee background screening.

To use our online service, you would click on the tab that states “Login”, from there you will enter your username, password and then click “enter”. Once you are log in, you choose the background screening tools you wish to use, enter the employees’ information and click the tab “Done”, that’s it. Your reports will be generated. When done the system will email you indication that you have a report that needs to be reviewed. Driving records return back in about 3 to 5 seconds along with credit reports. Other reports take a little longer, from a couple of hours to a day or two.

Our automated employee background screening service was developed knowing employers want an employee background screening service that is simple, quick and not expensive. With our services there are no annual or monthly fees, you pay as you go and you can cancel at any time. You can order a single or multiple service through our a' la carte or through our discounted packages. Our customer support staff are always available to assist you with any questions.
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