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42% Of Police Officers Killed In Car Crashes Did Not Use Seatbelts


January 19, 2011 - Lap Belt Cinch, Inc. (LBC), developer of the CG-Lock Technology and makers of the CG-Lock and SeatSnug seatbelt enhancement devices, announced on Tuesday a "Police Safety Initiative" aimed at creating greater police officer safety while driving at higher speeds.

This initiative is being launched responsive to a new federal report which shows that, in 42% of fatal police car crashes, no seatbelts were used.

The study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which analyzed 733 crashes, comes less than a week after a separate report found that fatal traffic incidents in 2010 were the leading cause of officer deaths for the 13th straight year.


"These results are concerning and many of the fatalities are preventable", states Chuck Carter, LBC CEO, "we encourage seatbelt usage by all drivers, including police. Our CG-Lock technology can enhance police officer safety by increasing driving control and by keeping police officers locked into their seats when in an accident, while minimizing noted problems like seatbelt entanglement with police gear. While we have been engaged in small scale tests, which demonstrate the benefit to police officers, we are looking for a selected few police organizations to work with us on a broader scale."

Originally developed as an aftermarket product for the performance driving market, the CG-Lock is a small palm sized device, which can be easily added to an existing seatbelt to prevent slack from developing in the lap belt and to optimize seatbelt performance in the event of an accident.

The CG-Lock provides 80% of the control benefit of a racing harness to enhance driving control at high speeds, which will allow police officers to better maintain vehicle control and avoid accidents. By preventing slack and keeping a seatbelt user locked into the seat, the CG-Lock reduces the risk of injury or death when involved in an accident.

By preventing slack and preventing an officer from moving around in the seat, the CG-lock also minimizes the risk of seatbelt entanglement with police gear. The CG-Lock has also been proven to reduce back fatigue by keeping the user upright with their back secured against the lumbar support. In the UK 90% of osteopaths asked recommend the CG-Lock for seatbelt users to reduce back pain.


Douglas Keith, Track Master and Lead Driving Instructor for the East Tennessee Regional Law Enforcement Academy has stated, "the CG-Lock is a great device, it absolutely locks you in and ensures proper driving position in all maneuvers. Belt entanglement was not a problem." The CG-Lock has been used to enhance driving control and safety for stunt drivers involved in movie racing scenes, such as National Treasure II starring Nicholas Cage and James Bond's Quantum of Solace starring Daniel Craig, as well as by the STIG in the popular #1 BBC show Top Gear, which recently debuted in the US.


LBC wants to capitalize on previous tests and on the experience gained to date with performance drivers, with race car drivers, with stunt drivers and with police driving instructors to initiate a broader-based study with selected police organizations to demonstrate the effectiveness of the CG-Lock in increasing police driving control to reduce the risk of accidents and in increasing police safety by reducing the risk of injury or death in the event of accidents.

This past September, LBC announced a major nationwide SeatSnug safety campaign "Snug Up America", aimed at promoting greater child passenger safety and awareness. To join SeatSnug in helping to raise awareness by educating others on child passenger safety issues and the available solutions visit SeatSnug and click on the “SnugUp America” button to learn how you can make a difference. (Read NHTSA report)

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