National Employee Screening Services (NESS) - We provide employers with the tools to properly screen their employees during and after the hiring process. We are a nationally recognized online information platform, that allows employers to log into our servers to perform employee background checks; criminal background check, driver license verification (MVR), DOT check, credit check, education, prior employment verification, E-Verify, etc.

Once you complete and forward our application (see the above icon labeled PDF application), we will then generate an account and issue you a username and password. At which time you will be able to log into our servers and perform your employee background screenings. This process, usually take less than hour from the time we receive your completed application.

You can select the type of background screening that meets your company needs. Companies across the nation have come to trust National Employee Screening Services for its technologically advanced solutions, industry leading turnaround times, and highly affordable products. We serve companies in all 50 states, including Fortune 500. Our services are available 24/7 and our customer support staff are available Monday thru Friday 9 AM - 7PM to assist you with any questions you may have.
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